Past Edit

Many have thought they knew the past of this ancient land, but only now shall you learn the true tale. Once upon a time, there was a huge island, inhabited by humans who hated to be around the other humans of the time, whom rejected the idea of using such advanced technology that the Atlantasians could build. The Atlantasians would invent whatever they wished, which proved to be a bad idea. They would mine with their machines, collecting massive masses of gold, weighing down the island, eventually causing it to collapse, and break into multiple parts. The main one sank down into the depths, drowning everyone on it, and creating Atlantis. When it broke apart, it released an evil entity called Nightmare, and his minions, whom created their portal to their realm on one of the islands.

Relations with The Establishment Edit

Due to its location below The Island, it is often visited by Robotguy39. So far no one else knows that it's there except for Oo1oo2oo3oo4, since he knows almost everything about The Island. It is often used for storage of metals, like gold, for future use, and Robot often just goes diving to get some cash to buy something.