My first experiment, loved this guy. Kept every one away... or got rid of them. He eats, get this, mainly plants, however, he loves human meat as well. So don't go give him a hug. Well, he was the start of the experimentation craze I got into, however, he hates every other experiment, oddly.

Exponents Edit

  • Bull - Horns, eyes, charges at red.
  • Sharpwit - Teeth
  • Golden tiger - Sound, color, stripes on back
  • Iron Poles - Moves top of head up and down, moves teeth

Trivia Edit

  • If you look closely, you can see that teeth are slightly off angle at points. This is due to iron poles being attached to them, for movement. Sometimes the teeth get jammed at abnormal angles because of this.
  • He has Circularstonsis.