"Aw, it's a adorable little baby snake...centipede...thing HOLY WHAT THE-"-Random Guy's Last Words

Another experiment by the Death Doctor. First, it starts as a little purple blob (with an eye), about 4.5 inch all around. Then, when someone in the world has a stupid idea, it grows another little purple blob. ETC, this happens infinitely. People might mistake it for a snake at first, but it's like this instead.

Ur Mom

Teh Mother

Mankind has A LOT of stupid people so at this point it's 5000 feet long and still growing every second (one specific individual, which is the first one, also the mother of them all (nicknamed Teh Mother)). The rest (Babies) look like this:

Trivia Edit

  • The species is named Your Mom (Genus: Your, Species: Mom).
  • They follow you around if you have donuts. They are a donut's worst nightmare.
  • The only thing they can do is melee, but they grow in number FAST. A Your Mom zerg rush can happen pretty quickly.
  • It's also a Trump supporter since supporting Trump is a stupid idea so that makes it grow even more.
  • Robotguy39 and Underslime's donuts got stolen by Teh Mother.

A baby your mom.

  • Robomoron39 and Wheatley contribute a gigantic sum of half its growth per second.
  • If you are confused by this thing basically Teh Mother is the nickname for the mother of all the Your Moms and Teh Mother is the only one that grows the others just get produced by Teh Mother very time Teh Mother grows. There is an estimated population of 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Your Moms from Wheatley's thoughts alone.