Experiment 070. My fourth experiment, and one of my favorite experiments (I kinda have a strange obsession with zombies and zombie apocalypses).

Description Edit

Hence its name, Experiment 070 is an enhanced version of the Solanum virus. Like its predecessor, the Enhanced Solanum Virus turns its host into zombies. However, unlike its predecessor (which can only turn humans into zombies), the Enhanced Solanum Virus can turn animals as well (insects and supernatural organisms are the only exception. Theoretically, the virus can still kill them, but they can't be zombified. Also, insects are the only living vectors of the ESV). No experiment is immune to it (a few exceptions include the Death Virus, since the Death Virus itself is a virus and Solanum cannot kill other viruses. In fact, the Death Virus and the ESV can even work together and merge with the Parasite of Death into The Ultimate Pathogen to kill strong hosts). No clones are immune to it. Yes, even Robotguy himself can be infected. Theoretically, even I can be infected. No one is safe!

Treatment Edit

Treatment? For this virus!? HA! Very funny. There is no cure or vaccine for the Enhanced Solanum Virus (except the Serum of Purification). Once the virus infects its host, little can be done to save the victim. Not even magic or holy water can stop the virus!

Trivia Edit

The reference is obvious.