This is the Death Doctor's creation: the true Irritator. Yes it needs the dramatic special characters :D.

Description Edit

  • Height: 1886 feet tall (can grow and shrink at will, but prefers this size). Note this does not include the sail.
  • Length: 5448 feet long (same as above).
  • Length of head: 1089 feet long.
  • Height of sail: 400 feet tall
  • Length of sail: 1800 feet long

What it actually is Edit

It is a extremely genetically modified Irritator Challengeri, with the intelligence of let's say... 3/4 of Albert Einstein? It obeys the Death Doctor's every command, and as you may have guessed from the previous half of the description, it is no normal sized Irritator. To put it into perspective, it's as tall as Mount Tabor, and it's actually short for it's size. It is immune to any known disease or toxin known and unknown to man. Radiation does not effect it, it merely shrugs it off. Also, it can resist the pull of a black hole, and it can breathe underwater and fly through space. It doesn't need oxygen. The strength of it's scales is equal to T x googolplex x 1337

x 1738 x 360 x 21 to the 666th power (T=Strength of solid diamond in a triangle shape). It is also immune to explosions of any sort so even a hypernova is child's play to it. Long story short it can literally pluck godzilla off the ground and swallow him whole.


It looks something like this but a hell of a lot bigger.

Trivia Edit

  • Why a Irritator? Because I like Irritators. Go see the roblox game dinosaur simulator, Irritators are like assassins from Assassin's Creed when it comes to killing. They also can get away with pretty much anything because it can escape from just about anything because they have extreme speed and can swim. Hence why it is my new favorite dinosaur.
  • Isn't this a bit insanely overpowered? Why, yes it is.
  • Superrobot39 saw it sink Atlantis by sleeping in the ocean, all it did was snore once and the whole island sank. That's legit what really happened to Atlantis.