It is a spirit, that only appears when the number 666 is mentioned. Made by the Death Doctor. It is a clone of the Death Doctor (it has some of THIS GUY's DNA (Barely: It's the only reason it doesn't kill you on the first day. The Death Doctor got the DNA while he was sleeping. Also from DNA from Satan himself.)

Appearance Edit

It looks similar to the Death Doctor, but more undead, nightmarish and demonic.

Description Edit

When it is summoned by mentioning the number 666, it appears invisible, stalking you wherever you go. However you can still see the shadow. This is only on the first day...

Day 2: Whenever you aren't looking, it appears behind you and laughs maniacally under it's breath, only to disappear whenever you look at it.

Day 3: You begin hearing demonic laughs, saying "I HAVE RISEN." over and over. He will give you nightmares tonight about the Death Doctors horrible demise at Akriex: Being impaled in the chest, with the Death Doctor withering to ashes seconds after.

Day 4: You begin hearing an echo of everything you say; but it isn't your voice. It is a demonic, garbled voice that copys your every word. The shadow appears in the corner of your eye.

Day aka Tick tock, you're dead day: He appears, twice as tall as you right in front of you. Then he dissappears, begins laughing THIS laugh (2nd audio file, the minigames laugh one, then SCREAMS 3 times as loud as the loudest scream you can imagine and appears in your face, and bites your head off. Obivously you die.

Any witnesses then will hear it say "I WILL KILL YOU ALL. DO YOU HEAR ME?"