They're so FLUFFY!! But they bite hard. VERY hard. Like, VERY. They come in many colors, orange, yellow, blue, green. One has the power to change organic material to robot, due to Nova Star strike. They have, before, bitten TheO0032 many, many times. Underslime is highly allergic to these creatures.

Description Edit

They look like pom-poms with faces on them. They have no limbs, and instead they bounce around when moving. Their teeth are harder than diamonds, and their maximum jaw force is approximately equivalent to that of a Dunkleosteus. Fortunately, they rarely use their full jaw strength.

Adaptability Edit

Fluffies are known not just for their exquisite fluffiness and nasty bite, but also for their adaptability. They are able to quickly and painlessly adapt to many environments, even superheated ones, despite Fluffies looking like a flammable object. Hence, the Fluffy has become the intergalactic version of the brown rat. One Fluffy, known as the Space Fluffy, has been known to survive and PROSPER in outer space without any special equipment (and he lives on an asteroid. Like, literally). They have genders, and they can reproduce sexually. They can also reproduce asexually, via a process that is strikingly similar to mitotic division used by cells.

Alliance with the Candy Empire Edit

The Candy Empire (mostly Gummy Bears) and the Fluffies used to be rivals and they often warred against each other. But since they both have a common enemy, the Candy Empire and the Fluffy Kingdom eventually allied with each other after Velvetus III came to power.

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