Link to the Plot Line Board, which is like a game, but, changes the wiki! You play, you change the plot line of the wiki! How about that?


Link to the Off Topic Board, on this Board anything goes! Forum games? Do it! Lamenting the death of the Old Forums? Hey, we all gotta cry somewhere. Post to your heart’s content.


Link to the General Discussions Board, on this Board, you can talk about Robotguy, the wiki, or anything remotely about Robotguy!


Link to the Petitions Board, on this Board, you may make suggestions, request code or article additions, petition new rules, lobby to change existing rules, ect.


Link to the Questions and Answers Board, on this Board, you can ask questions about Robotguy39, about the Wiki, about coding, or anything really. Helpful users will come & lend you a hand!


Link to the Violation Reporting Board, on this Board, you may report vandals, spammers, harassment, or any other unsavory behavior that requires the intervention of an Administrator.


Link to the Announcements Board, on this Board, Staff will post news & announcements about the Wiki.