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Here is the list of scientific names for all the creatures in the Universe, that are known.

Clone species Edit

Roboticuss Revertis

Meme-type Edit

Roboticuss Revertis Memus

Fluffies Edit

Fluffus prosperi

Zombie Type Edit

Fluffus prosperi Necronesis

Humans Edit

Homo sapiens

Madness Uhh...Multiverse? Universe? Idk.Edit

Homo Sapiens insanire feris

TOTVMosasauridae Edit

TOTVMosasaurus carchar-op-odon tyrannodunkleosteus sapien

Bijjeries Edit

Bijjerus aquaphilodon

Gummy Bears Edit

Being reasurched by Juicy Beast

Minotaurs Edit


Diep.iownu Edit

Plusle Plusle


Roboticuss Intelligencia

Snix Edit

Snixis nexurfus

Ugress Edit


Death Virus Edit

Annihilovira destructis