Their origin is unknown.

Appearance Edit

A nova star looks like a supernova, but with such tense molecular structure, that it is harder than solid steel, and can penetrate anything it wants.

Intelligence Edit

They somehow have intelligence, maybe it's like a starfish, no brain, yet can move, that's a nova star. They can move, change form occasionally, and can very rarely speak, making them all the more creepy.

Known mutations due to nova stars Edit

  • Fluffy - Its bite can turn living material to robotics, not harming said thing at all.
  • Rabbit - Was spliced with a chainsaw, cute and fluffy, opens its mouth, then you run.
  • Horse - It has Pacman, Snake, and my favourite, Dig-Dug, and QWERTY.
  • Urwatueat Your Mom - You know what they say... you are what you eat...