The Powder Toy Realm is an elemental planet containing hundreds of elements, some of which are capable of annihilating entire universes, or worse, the space-time continuum.

Description Edit

The Powder Toy Realm contains many elements, ranging from those similar to real-life to elements that are the pinnacle of explosive technologies.

Sandbox Edit

It's basically an elemental sandbox, as you can make stuff and blow stuff up without destroying the realm itself.

Sectors Edit

There are an endless amount of areas called "sectors" inside the realm (it's just called a realm, it's more like a planet). Each sector is covered by an invisible void that absorbs everything, and it allows one to place his/her things on it without interfering with another sector. Below the region of sectors lies an Earth-like setting populated by stickmen who can spit out any elements they touch with their heads.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at

An example picture of a Powder Toy Realm sector.

Altered Physics Edit

Some physics in the Powder Toy are somewhat altered. For example, certain solids like titanium defy gravity and stay completely suspended in the air for no apparent reason. Also, the stickmen (who are supposed to represent basically humans in a sense) in the realm are ridiculously durable (they are able to survive in tons of negative pressure) and can jump ridiculously high. They can also not take any damage from any form of fall no matter how high, and can go THROUGH solid objects if they are thin enough and if the stickman charges towards it with enough speed.