Some things are cuter when you look at them from a different angle...

Appearance Edit

RAT is a faded brown animatronic, with brownish rotten teeth. Most of his left ear is missing, exposing wires. He is eyeless. RAT's animatronic suit also seems withered, with rips covering his body and his endoskeleton clearly visible.

History Edit

Long, long, ago, I invested in a fast food business. Rat & Cat Theater. They wanted some Robots, they got some robots. Here is RAT, the first one out of three. Well, they loved the idea, and I ended up making two more for them, CAT and Blank. Well, things started out fine... for a while. One day RAT reached out for a child, and, well, child didn't survive. All the parents and other children saw, which was a bit nerve racking, but he just went back into position, and carried on singing, a little off tune... Well, they put all my machines in some old factory where they were planning on building some new robots, and they said the robots were theirs because of some contract I signed. Well, recently they gave RAT here back to me... something about moving around in the factory. They got it on video, freaked them out good.