Welcome to the rules page!! You know, a lot of people don't come to this page, so congratulations!

Main Rules:

  • No racial slurs. A racial slur is a derogatory or disrespectful nickname for a racial group, used without restraint. That includes nig*er. So no Sup nig*ers? No.
  • NO BULLYING. Oh, man. For the love of the world, don't break this one. The worst punishment on this wiki is nothing compared to the punishment received for breaking this one. An admin will decide whether it is worthy of a punishment. If said person is worthy, Robotguy himself will deal with it.
  • No spamming. Come on people. Be creative, not destructive.
  • Assume good faith. Not everybody's a vandal. If they do it differently, it's not immediately wrong.
  • Harassment is forbidden. Intentionally pestering people with insults, offensive stuff, etc. repetitively is considered as harassment. Harassment is a bannable offense.
  • No mini-modding

Alt note:

If you have an alt, A.K.A, alternate account, please tell us here as soon as possible. If we find one, and you didn't tell us, you could be in BIG trouble. So, tell us. If your alt is banned due to you not informing us of it's alty-ness, then you may try to convince us to forgive you. please state in the comment section. When your alt is confirmed, we will give it an alt tag, unless it is an alt of Robot, then it will be listed as clone.

Abuse of multiple accounts

If we find out that you have been abusing multiple accounts, your alt(s) will be PERMANENTLY BANNED unless you prove that those alts are innocent (or not alts at all). You will have a week to prove they are innocent, otherwise PERMENENT banning will commence.

Chat Rules:

  • All the main rules.
  • No zalgo text in chat.
  • If you break rules, you will get kicked, or banned. Using alts to get back into chat after bans will cause longer bans, and a permanent ban for the alt.

Personal Pages:

Every user may have two personal pages, describing them, and their alter-ego. If you want more than two, contact Robot.

List of alts:

  • Stuffystuff109 (Alt of TOTMGsRock)
  • Duckanon  (alt of El armadillo)
  • Harrysolomon (another alt of El)
  • Pretty sure this is all, the rest are just things like clones of Robotguy39.