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Future Staff

What can Staff do?

  • Bureaucrats can:
    • Block/unblock.
    • Grant Bureaucrat rights (can’t revoke them).
    • Remove their own Bureaucrat rights (can’t touch other bureaucrats).
    • Remove Bot rights (only fandom Staff can add it).
    • Grant & take away Admin, Content Mod, & Rollback rights.
  • Admins can:
    • Remove their admin rights (can’t touch anyone else).
    • Block/unblock.
    • Edit MediaWiki (like CSS, JS, welcome message).
    • Access restricted Special Pages (dashboard, features, theme-designer, et cetera).
    • Do everything that Content mods, misc mods, chat mods, & rollbacks can do.
    • Grant & takeaway Discussion Mod & Chat Mod rights.
  • Content Mods can:
    • Remove their Content Mod rights (that’s the only right they can touch).
    • Use Rollback powers.
    • Protect pages for certain periods of time, or unprotect said pages. Actions they can protect include:
      • Editing (stops users people from editing the protected page).
      • Move (stops certain users from renaming a page).
      • Upload (stops certain users from uploading files to a specific spot).
      • Create (stops certain users from creating the page).
    • Edit already protected pages (if a page is move protected & edit protected, they will be able to edit or move that page regardless; although they can’t edit MediaWiki).
    • Delete pages.
    • View most deleted pages.
    • Restore deleted pages.
  • Discussion Mods can:
    • Remove their Discussion Mod rights.
    • Use Chat Mod powers.
    • Lock (close)/Unlock (reopen) posts on Discussions.
    • Edit other peoples’ posts on Discussions.
    • Delete/undelete replies or posts on Discussions.
    • Delete ALL Discussions posts by one user instantly.
    • Access Discussions insights.
    • Change Discussions background/profile images.
    • Close/reopen threads to stop replies (forum/message wall).
    • Remove threads & replies (forum/message wall).
    • Edit other peoples’ threads & replies (forum/message wall).
    • Remove/restore threads & replies (forum/message wall).
    • Move threads (forum only).
    • Highlight/unhighlight threads (forum only).
    • Edit/merge/create Forum Boards.
  • Chat Mods can:
    • Remove their Chat Mod rights.
    • Kick users from chat.
    • Ban users from chat (either in chat or outside it).
    • Change ban length outside of chat.
    • Remove bans (either in chat or outside it).
    • Unban themselves from Chat.
  • Rollbacks can:
    • Remove their Rollback rights.
    • Use the Rollback tool.

(Provided by Ursuul, thanks)

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