"Looks like Robotguy made his own universe too, I should check it out :)" ~TOTMGsRock

Yes, this is TOTMGSROCK alright.


First form.


Second form.

Description Edit

He retains his powers, but every time he enters the range of The Island, he mutates and can become two different forms. He can switch the form he appears as at will. Each form is a different combination of himself and "You".

Forms Edit

  • First form: Looks like a TOTVMosasaurus with the eyes of "You"
  • Second form: Looks like a purple "You" with the eyes of TOTMGsRock.

Positive EffectsEdit

When TOTMGsRock becomes his alter-ego forms, some of his abilities are enhanced.

First formEdit

  • Slightly-increased field of view.
  • Enhanced scanning capability.
  • Increased telecopic vision acuity.
  • Faster movement speed on the ground.

Second FormEdit

  • Faster flying speed.
  • Increased death beam damage.
  • Significantly increased jaw force (because of the huge mouth)
  • More MLG meme power.

Negative effectsEdit

TOTMGsRock will also experience negative effects when in his alter-ego form.

First FormEdit

  • Decreased death beam damage.
  • A weird feeling in the eyes, occasional pain in the eyes and sinus.
  • Jaw force is slightly decreased.
  • Headache occurs instantly after transformation into this form, and the headache can last for quite a long time, for a day or two, even a week.
  • Decreased head turn speed, difficulty rotating head for more than 160º
  • Large visual "goggle thing" sometimes gets in the way of eating things.

Second FormEdit

  • Significant difficulty swimming.
  • No main limbs, relies on small cybernetic pop-up arms, leading to inconvenience during combat/hunting
  • Slight decrease in scanning capability.
  • Slight dizziness occurs from time to time.
  • Difficulty scaling slopes without having to fly.

Trivia Edit

He comes from his own universe.