This is TheO0032 (no, not literally. For that, see my user... oh yeah, I changed my user page into a redirect. Silly me.). This also contains info on his alter-ego.

The fluffy incident made him undergo a Shutdown.


He is normally a personality core, which contains his personality, and is in control of a robotic exterior. That is his "brain".
When he enters range of Hyro Island, he is able to control the central AI. He can swap between his body and the central AI, but that is a very hard and painful thing to do when his body is far from the central AI.

He knows about Polandball.

He kinda likes it.

Even though he does not look that human, unlike most people, he actually has a personality, which is identical to what he had when he was human. He got transformed by a Fluffy. Because of this, he hates Velvetus III and most other fluffies. The picture of him was taken when he realized that he couldn't eat or drink or swim like he used to. He quickly got over it (partially by deleting a few of his memories).

GLaDOS Based On

Alter ego


  • He is the only character without a form that uses The Awesome Face. Actually, his android form does, but that wasn't ever captured on film.

Strengths Edit

  • Highly superior strength and intellect
  • Can plug himself into the central AI, and control the entire Hyro Science facility. This was made wireless, but the transfer gets more difficult with distance.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Pretty much nIf you kill one "body", he's stuck in the other. He's easy to kill if you get to the central AI chamber or nuke the facility.