Ahhh... the establishment. I'm gonna write this one myself, if you don't mind. Where do I start... I had the dream of a large industry under my control at age 15, and I pursued it. Although I had a few, accidents, I continued to make it what it is today... the image you see in the background... the image, right over there in the infobox, is the logo. Preeeeeeety cool, huh? It's paint, don't worry. Red paint. Yes well, better get on with this...

Development Edit

I aquired the knowledge of construction, and created it from solid blocks of steel. That was just so awesome. It took me about five years, but the sheer amazement of the place was worth it. I designed the logo with love and passion. And also red paint. A gear, to show I get technical, and my signature skin in the center. It's red because that was the cheapest color paint back then. Heh heh. I bought my first computer, which soon became QWERTY.

Inner Workings Edit

You don't know how hard it is for me to not code this. I mean, it hurts. Ok. I get electricity from solar panels, and I collect heat energy, from a large lava pit, about 200 miles from the core of the planet. Rather remarkable, now that I think about it, that close to the core. Don't worry, with proper programming, you may be able to become a core engineer! Anyway, there are about twenty rooms, about two are empty. We have the main control room, the cloning station, the repair room, the punishment quarters, my room, lab, and a few others. There is the teleportation lab, as we placed teleportation pads on all of the surrounding islands. We have the subject pit, so they can't get out, and we have the private rooms. Each room is made specifically for each, uhh, user. Roboflame and his sister get heat resistance rooms, with no access to water, Roboscope gets a wall of targets, and Robodrool gets a room that is super absorbent, and will get rid of all that... drool.