"That can't be good."

~Underslime after the cube was corrupted.

Underslime, Or Underium Slimoxcious is a human who has the ability to spawn objects and other forms of material at will.

He currently lives next to the Island after surviving the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle.

About him Edit

Born on an unknown date, He was once a regular human... Until his D.N.A. was reshuffled by a gamma ray burst. He then gained his powers and abilities.

Because of his powers, He was sent away from his homeland, and spent an entire decade travelling around the world looking for a place to live. He almost gave up while sailing in an ocean.... But since he is terrible at directions, He accidentally ended up on the Bermuda Triangle... And washed up on the Island. He currently lives on a giant Iceberg next to the Island.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Matter Creation - Underslime has the ability to create matter out of thin air-- He can create anything from a speck of dust to a nuclear bomb.
  • Gravikenisis - He has the ability to change and alter the effects of gravity on an object.
  • Intelligence - Underslime has several inventions and machines, However, most of them have been destroyed.
  • Invisibility - Underslime can turn invisible.
  • Intangibility - Everything phases through him when intangible.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Electricity - A few volts of electricity can and will temporarily disable his ability to spawn objects.
  • Mind Control - Underslime is very vulnerable to mind control.
  • Energy - Using his powers cost him his energy. If he uses his powers too much, he'll get tired..


Trivia Edit

  • Underslime has an evil version of himself that he trapped in Dimension 2X. His name is: Nega-Slime.