What do you like more, chaos or darkness.

actually 1 left I was looking for someone who could side me last person so I remembered about u

There is a petition on diep wikia where SR smg and captain gathered 6 more haters against me

They want to take away my tag once again votes are 9-9 Your might be last.

Democracy (to be exact, no justice, no sanity, who screems louder, who gets more random kudos) thats what I feel about their democracy at least In other words, they can open a petition to ban someone 10 haters - u banned for being hated (very clever)

As I told them, if a real country followed their beliefs, then there would fire and broken glass everywhere, and a crowd would be figuring out what is right and what is wrong by clicking kudos.

 btw, do u give colors to each single user here? Somehow u did it

 Are you done with school yet or you're still young

 One thing that was good about school when I look back, is that even it s*cked, at least you were not bound to be there every day with uni and job things won't go that way 

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