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Velvetus III was the first recorded king of all Fluffies.

Description Edit

Velvetus III was the first recorded ruler of the Fluffy throne. Some say that he orchestrated the turning of TheO0032 into a robot in an attempt to psychologically break him. Although TheO did turn into a robot, he wasn't broken at all.

Assassination attempt Edit

Roborage39 attempted to assassinate Velvetus III. When Velvetus was in his royal room, Roborage smacked through his guards, snatched Velvetus's sceptre, and attempted to hit him into a corner so that he can proceed to beat him to death. However, the sceptre broke before Roborage could kill him, so Velvetus took a chunk out of Roborage39's face by biting him. At the same time. Roborage whacked Velvetus in the eye. They both were knocked back, and stunned for a moment. Rage barely managed to escape, and to this day all the Fluffies are trying to capture him, even though Velvetus is dead. Probably because he killed so many of them.

Raid on the Establishment Edit

After Roborage tried to assassinate him, but failed, Velvetus became extremely anxious, and had panic attacks from time to time. Eventually, Velvetus calmed down, and ordered a raid on the Establishment. He wanted to have the Establishment plundered and Roborage captured. However, the Fluffy Kingdom had underestimated the military power of the Establishment, and when they attempted to raid a village that was part of the Establishment, the military of the Establishment arrived and fought the Fluffies. The Fluffies suffered terrible losses and were forced to retreat. This troubled Robotguy39, as not only did he like fluffies, but he now realised that there was a new king that didn't have a friendly attitude to the guy. Shame.

Death Edit

During a visit from a few rebel fluffies, one had apparently gotten a cold, which proved lethal to fluffies. With this knowledge, Roboguy and TheO spread the cold virus all around Fluff Planet, slaughtering 85% of the entire Fluffy population. Velvetus was killed by that virus. The remainder (including Eldritch) became immune to the virus. Roboguy and TheO then crowned Eldritch as the new king of the Fluffies. The planet quickly repopulated due to the many ways of fluffy reproduction.

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